What do we do?


The International Council of Museums of Cameroon is at the service of society and its development and is committed to guaranteeing the preservation, conservation and transmission of cultural property.

Set standards of excellence

ICOM-CM defines norms and standards useful to museums both for their design and for the management and organization of collections. The ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums is a benchmark in the global museum community and sets minimum standards of professional practice and performance for museums and their staff. By joining ICOM, each member undertakes to respect this code.

Conducting a Diplomatic Forum

Officially associated with international multilateral conventions related to heritage, ICOM is a diplomatic space bringing together 137 countries and territories, which brings together internationally recognized personalities thanks to their action in favor of culture.

Develop the professional network

With nearly 30,000 members, ICOM constitutes a unique professional network made up of institutions and museum professionals. It is one of the only organizations capable of very quickly mobilizing such a network of experts and bringing together the most competent specialists throughout the world around a variety of museum subjects.

Animate a global think tank

Museum professionals, grouped together in ICOM’s international committees, carry out specialized research in their respective areas of intervention. The 31 international committees discuss and reflect on museum issues and more broadly on heritage.

Ensure international missions

Fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property, risk management, promotion of culture and knowledge, protection of tangible and intangible heritage, so many missions fulfilled by ICOM thanks to international mandates in conjunction with partners such as the UNESCO, INTERPOL and World Customs Organization for Heritage Protection.